Red Dogwood [Cornus Alba] | 30+ Seeds Fully UK Hardy Same Day Dispatch

Red Dogwood [Cornus Alba] | 30+ Seeds Fully UK Hardy Same Day Dispatch
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Please find for sale 30+ fresh Red Dogwood [Cornus Alba] seeds, also known as Red Barked or Siberian Dogwood. This easy-to-grow plant is an extremely popular ornamental used in landscaping with its bright red stems providing striking colour & structure to the garden from Autumn through to late winter. It can also be grown as a container plant & moved into a prominent position in winter to provide some welcome colour! Red Dogwood is fully hardy in all areas of the UK. PLEASE NOTE: ALL ORDERS RECEIVED BEFORE 8PM (MON-FRI) WILL BE DISPATCHED SAME DAY SAVE PACKAGING MATERIALS - SEE OTHER INTERESTING & UNUSUAL SEEDS & PLANTS in MY SHOP Germination Guide As they are native to very cold climes, Red Dogwood seeds have deep dormancy & will benefit from cold stratification for optimum germination rates. Stratification is a process of simulating natural conditions that the seeds must experience before germination can occur (if a seed germinates in the middle of winter it will die). in the wild, seed dormancy is usually overcome by the seed spending time in the ground through a winter period & having its hard seed coat softened up by frost & weathering action. This cold, moist period triggers the seed’s embryo; its growth & subsequent expansion eventually break through the softened seed coat in its search for sun & nutrients ITs not as complicated as it soundsyou can sow the seeds in trays & leave them outside over winter so nature can take its course, however most gardeners prefer to control the process themselves, reducing the risk of animals etc munching the seed. Half fill a small freezer bag or similar with a moist compost mix - ideally 50/50 compost & vermiculite Place the seeds in the bag & mix in with the compost. Seal the bag & place in the bottom of the fridge for 6-8 weeks. After the stratification period, spread the compost from the bag over the surface of tray of moist free-draining compost Cover the seed mix with 2-4mm of sieved compost Loosely place clear a bag over the tray with a couple of air holes in order to maintain humidity Keep tray in a warm bright place - eg a sunny windowsill Ensure compost mix does not dry out. Germination from this point takes 1-4 weeks Pot on to individual pots once large enough to handle but keep in warm & sunny spot Gradually harden off before planting in their final position (April-June) Olly’s General Guide to Seed Sowing! I love sowing seeds & it runs in the family - dad, granddad & finally my great-granddad for whom the hobby helped him get over his experiences in the Great War. I still get a big kick when I see the first seedling poking through from a new plant that I have never sown before or been successful at. However, even the most experienced gardeners draw blanks from time to time. Whilst I sow all the seeds that I sell so I know that they are viable, some are trickier than others & problems can arise so here are some tips to make blanks few & far between: 1) Don’t Rush! Tempting though it is