Red Clover Infused Oil, Organic

Red Clover Infused Oil, Organic
Brand: Etsy - mooncycleboutique
Color: Dark Olive
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Organic red clover infused oil. Organic red clover infused in organic apricot oil. There has been clinical evidence that isoflavonoids that are present in red clover help slow down signs of aging on the skin. Isoflavonoids that act as phytoestrogens increase collagen production & add moisture to the skin. They also improve skin thickness, skin elasticity, hydration & reduce shrinks. in addition, isoflavonoids have a healing ability & make red clover an ideal herb for various skin irritation, wounds, skin sores, burns & insect bites Isoflavonoids possess anti-inflammatory properties & can improve skin conditions such as eczema & psoriasis. Available in a 1 oz & 2 oz Amber dropper bottle. Shipped USPS First Class. Red Clover Infused Oil, Organic