Rectangle Decking Planter 3 High Wooden/Garden

Rectangle Decking Planter 3 High Wooden/Garden
Brand: Etsy - AMPlanters
Color: Black
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Handmade Decking Timber style elevated planter. The planters sides are made of 3 sections of decking & sits on three feet to help protect the planter & ensure they sit level. The inside of the planter is lined with heavy duty plastic lining to help protect the inside of the planter. Top Quality Wooden Planter. The planter will require no assembly & will be able to be used right away. As the planter is raised of the ground this helps to limit some of the potential weeds/pest that may affect your flowers & vegetables. The planter are built using quality wood & fixings ensuring that they strong & durable in the British weather. When empty the planter is easily moveable so instillation should not be a problem. The planter is suitable for flowers & some vegetables. The planter is built with high quality pressure treated timber & is FSC certified. Planter sizes are listed as Length X Width X Height Feet included in total height & are 5cm. England Delivery Only. All of the corners on our decking planter have mitred cuts on every layer to give a seamless look. On each corner two screws will be visible which are the fixings for each section. To gain height on the planters we stack the boards to reach our desired measurement. The boards we use are 120mm in height so each planter must be a full board in height. This does not include the height of the feet. The boards have a thickness of 32mm allowing them to support a large amount of weight. The inside of the planter is braced with 2x2 inch timber to help support the planter & reduce any bowing in the boards while in use. The planter comes pre lined with a heavy-duty plastic lining with drainage holes in the bottom. All of the timber used is tanalised & FSC certified. This gives the planter suitable protection from the weather, making the planter last a long period of time. We see it as our responsibility to ensure that all of the wood we use is FSC certified, as in the current climate of the wood industry we want to ensure that we only use top quality materials. Rectangle Decking Planter 3 High Wooden/Garden