Raw Honey Matcha Bowl, Chawan

Raw Honey Matcha Bowl, Chawan
Categories: Green Powder, Powder
Brand: Etsy - GaryBercowCeramics
Color: Beige
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This matcha bowl will add to the ambiance of your home - bringing a peace filled tea time to your house. Feel the warmth through the clay that has been altered through the pressure of working hands. The smoothness of the beautifully glazed interior will allow your whisk to move around freely. My involvement with Ceramics has been an act that could be compared to spending time in a garden or the woods. That incredible sense of satisfaction of the earth enter their soul - reminds oneself of their place in world. All of these acts, pottery, hiking & gardening, bear time-honored traditions, which bring us closer to our humanity. I begin with creating my functional pieces of pottery on the wheel, making them symmetrical & true. When the clay vessel nears completion, I begin altering the piece by pushing & bending it to give it more of an organic sensuous shape. As reference, I use natural objects that I have found on my journeys to give it a sense of coming from our organic ecosystem. Through every part of the process, I am integrating the peace I find in nature, deep into the crevices of the pottery. Raw Honey Matcha Bowl, Chawan