Rare Original Vegetable Seeds Pumpkin "Rouge Vif De Tamp

Rare Original Vegetable Seeds Pumpkin "Rouge Vif De Tamp
Brand: Etsy - Forseedspro
Color: Orange
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Name: Pumpkin Rouge Vif de Tamp. Quantity in each pack: 2g. Rouge Wife De’Tamp is a productive variety of French pumpkin of medium ripening period, the growing season lasts 110-115 days. The plant is of great vigor, fruits are large, red-orange in color, round-flat in shape with pronounced segmentation. The average weight of pumpkins of the Rouge Wife de Tamp variety is 10-12 kg, diameter is 50-70 cm, the fruits are homogeneous in mass. The pulp is rich, bright orange, juicy, with high taste. Solids content over 6%, high% sugar, carotene. The variety is unpretentious in cultivation, plastic, suitable for cultivation in various climatic conditions, does not require much effort to obtain a good harvest, also has resistance to diseases & excellent keeping rates. Rouge Wife De’Tamp is excellent for all types of culinary processing, especially for preparing baby food, cereals, mashed potatoes; retains its properties during storage. Rare Original Vegetable Seeds Pumpkin Rouge Vif De Tamp