Rare Original Flower Seeds Margarita "Maria

Rare Original Flower Seeds Margarita "Maria
Brand: Etsy - Forseedspro
Color: Pink
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Name: Margarita Maria. Daisy. Bellis Perennis. Quantity in each pack: 0,03g. A variety of daisies with thick double pink caps. Plants are compact, with a large number of strong, non-sticking peduncles. They are characterized by fast growth, good health & high frost resistance. The wonderful curb & container daisy forms a smooth flowering carpet with very early & long flowering. Perennial, grown as a biennial plant. Propagated by sowing seeds in the ground or seedlings. Early sowing in March-April makes it possible to get a flowering plant in 140 days. You can sow daisies in July. This flower loves partial shade, but with good watering it grows in sunny places. Rare Original Flower Seeds Margarita Maria