Rainbow Plant Pole36

Rainbow Plant Pole36
Brand: Etsy - BunnyLovesPlants
Color: Brown
25.01 GBP
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36-inch tall hardwood stake, hand wrapped in jute, & with the cutest rainbow hand-tied tassels for a boho way to attach your plant to the pole! You get a total of 6 tassel plant ties on this Boho Pole! Feel the pride here, friends. Not really into the messy moss look? These solid wood jute poles have the bottom 5 inches treated with a waterproof sealant to prevent rot from damp soil. Neatly wrapped, natural jute fibers provide an excellent surface area to retain moisture & nutrients & encourage climbing plants or plants with aerial roots to latch onto the support pole. The bottom of the hardwood stake is sharpened to a point to minimize damage to the roots when placing in soil. Climbing plants like Monsteras are top heavy & are healthiest when they have support to cling to as they grow larger. Make your Monstera happy with a Boho Rainbow Pothos Pole! Please check out my other listings for various sizes & styles! Rainbow Plant Pole36