Purification Cleansing Break Spells Remove Negativity Room Misting Spray Wicca Smudge Banish Negative Guilt Shame Sadness Grief

Purification Cleansing Break Spells Remove Negativity Room Misting Spray Wicca Smudge Banish Negative Guilt Shame Sadness Grief
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Purification & Cleansing is a New Moon Vibes handcrafted creation that is commonly used for banishing & cleansing, including that of a physical & spiritual nature. With an intention specific combination of real herbs, essential oils & specific color that correlates to the correct vibes necessary for maximum potency, it is believed to assist breaking spells, removing negative energy, invoke & draw a new start in life, a clean slate & also to release any build-up of unwanted energy you may have picked up throughout busy days. Also traditionally used as a way to acknowledge unwanted thoughts, acknowledging them & releasing them. The sacred union of our blended potent essential oils & botanicals energetic materials that match to calling in manifestations & creating reality shifts is believed to assist in relieving guilt, shame, sadness & grief. Our New Moon Vibes Essential Oil Infused Misting Room Sprays are commonly used to enhance everyday desires, dreams, needs, & focus your personal intentions. An easy way to manifest & remind yourself to set your intentions in your space & life. Essential oils infused with potent herbs are believed to enhance spiritual vibrations of an area they are used in. Use at home, work or any sacred space as a ritual, such as misting yourself and/or the area immediately around you, enveloping yourself in a soft aroma of herb infused essential oils. Be sure to concentrate on your desired manifestation, affirmations & intentions. Here at New Moon Vibes we carefully handcraft each specific product with attention to each real ingredient & their believed powers, ensuring that our final product is ready for the most potent energy to add to your intention spells & rituals to bring forth the best result. Our handmade items used with spells/intentions/petitions are crafted from long standing Wiccan, pagan & hoodoo beliefs of their powers. The art of petitions include your desires, & your true beliefs & to better focus your intentions are what will cause them to manifest. Be sure during your intention ritual to visualize yourself receiving your manifestation & feel the feelings of receiving your intention. A bit about me. Since I can remember, I have had a strong bond with animals, insects & plants that not everyone around me could understand. As I grew, I found a deeper understanding & peace with them. This created a profound belief that our connection with nature is much stronger than many of us utilize in our day to day life. Finding & nurturing this connection is what led me to create my store, to share this with the world & you. If these past couple years have taught us all something, it is that we are all in this together & I hope that by using NewMoonVibes products you too, will set & focus your intentions, manifest your desires & bring life to your affirmations. Strengthen your affirmations with an array of spiritual items from our store. Essential oils are known for their spiritual benefits. We use them in each & every