Pure Innerg Spiritual Cleansing Wash - Powerful

Pure Innerg Spiritual Cleansing Wash - Powerful
Brand: Etsy - BrujaSantisima
Color: Green
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Please allow at least 7- 60 days to have your order shipped from the time of Purchase!! Depends on Order !! This is real Brujeria & it takes Time, & Energy to create what you Need ! Your order is Fixed Upon Order & Blessed to your Name All Purpose Spiritual Cleansing Wash Clear & Cleanse your Aura #PureInnerG (on IG) Pure InnerG was created with my Ancestral Spirits & Elegua to help break down & lift negative entities & energies off & away from you. It was created to clear out low vibrations from your aura & silence negative noise. Using the wash with intention will clear & cleanse the energy portals within you. Can be incorporated into your Spiritual Hygiene to maintain your positive energy & can also be used for hex/blockage removal. Use Pure InnerG for spiritual cleansing maintaining happiness eliminating negative voices & thoughts lifting heavy spirits/ energies break through blockages exorcism workings provide spiritual protection increase good energy; pure energy within & around you. Pure InnerG is a Herbal Potion Wash will also ward off evil, break evil eye, dispel envy, & promotes good fortune upon you. Bottles of Pure InnerG are blessed, & alive with energy, ready to work with you for a refreshing spiritual cleansing & protection. Red yarn is used for protection. It can be tied around your wrist or anywhere that needs protection. Simply cut the needed amount for your bracelet & tie around your wrist. Keep it cleansed or Retie a new string whenever you feel it has absorbed negativity on your behalf. Throw away immediately if it snaps or starts to unravel; Cowrie shell has been spelled as an protection amulet. Keep it safe on you or keep it tied with your red yarn. SHAKE WELL BEFORE EACH USE. Please be advised that Herbs are used if you have any allergy concerns Be prepared for a new way of thinking, a new life, blockages removed, & YOU being brought back into alignment. So that you can continue achieving your Souls purpose. Level UP in a Bottle. - Nandi Elaine Sold as Curio Magick is definitely real & nothing to take lightly. However by law I must state that this is sold as curio. Pure Innerg Spiritual Cleansing Wash - Powerful