Protection Oil & Diffuser

Protection Oil & Diffuser
Brand: Etsy - SoulIntentions8
Color: Black
11.46 GBP
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Protection Oil Diffuser is made with black tourmaline & quartz crystals, herbs & Soul Intentions Protection Intention Oil blend. All ingredients used have been charged with intentional energy under a full moon. This bottle is perfect for hanging in vehicle, or in your personal or work space. Powerful protective energy & vibe raising scent make this a really strong protection intention bottle. Glass bottle, bamboo diffuser lid, natural cord & wood bead. Bottle is filled with crystals, herbs & oil blend. To use: Unscrew the wood diffuser cap. Remove stopper plug. Replace wood cap. Turn bottle upside down to release oil into wood cap. Hang where protective energy is needed. Shake occasionally to refresh. Protection Oil & Diffuser