Primula Burmanica Seed

Primula Burmanica Seed
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Color: Red
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Primula Burmanica is a primula that loves being moist & growing alongside creeks or ponds as well as moister garden spots. The leaves are around 10 inches long & 2 - 4 inches wide with strong sturdy stems rising up to 3 feet with a candelabra type bloom that has 4 - 6 layers of whorled flowers in fushia. Fragrant in bloom & resistant to Deer & Rabbits. Shade lover that will take your breath when blooming, especially planted in groups. 25+ seed per pack Planting Zone: 4 -8 Shade Height: 3 feet Width: up to 6 inches Fragrant Attracts Hummingbirds, Butterflies & Bees Native: Burma, Yunnan Sowing Advice from a great English Nursery Primula seeds may be sown in good light conditions at any time onto a loam-based compost, barely cover so that around 50% are still visible. We never use artificial heat, primulas are COOL germinators! As a rule best temperatures are usually between 10 & 15 degrees C. (e.g. a cool greenhouse or northerly window sill) PLEASE NOTE: Temperatures exceeding 15 C can prevent germination, & above 20 C expect very little germination as seeds can go dormant as a protective measure. Germination can take up to 6 weeks, but sometimes takes much longer. I urge anyone buying seed to do their homework on germination, I have not raised & cannot raise many of these plants as I am sub-tropics here in St Augustine,Florida. All seed are NOT alike! There are so many different factors in germination & not doing a search is throwing your money away. I want everyone to be successful when growing your flowers from seed it is the most rewarding experience in Gardening & you can do it, if you give the seed what it needs to grow. I always check 3 sites of info to choose how I will go about it. It is not hard to do, if you do it right! SEED GERMINATION TIP ONLY GERMINATE A SMALL PORTION AT A TIME. DON’T PUT ALL YOUR MONKEYS in A BARREL. Good Luck & Happy Planting Primula Burmanica Seed