Premium Simple Indoor Planter - Apple Style "Homepot

Premium Simple Indoor Planter - Apple Style "Homepot
Brand: Etsy - PrintsByRyanPBR
Color: White
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This is a 3-D printed replica of apples HomePod. Is the same size & shape & color as the HomePod but it has been hollowed out in order to make room for your favorite plant or succulent. Video: The HomePot features a exterior wrap of interlaced lines not only give it its distinctive look but also give it structural rigidity. it has a hole in the bottom for drainage. This helps prevent root rot caused by overwatering. This planter makes an excellent gift for any office, gaming room, or dorm that needs a splash of green. Available colors: Bright white Space gray Wood This planter is made from a premium bio-plastic that’s not only carbon negative in nature, but has a unique texture in the hand. Its stunning matte finish & ability to biodegrade when the time comes, makes it a unique example of next generation 3-D printing manufacturing. Check out the HomePot Mini available on my store right now! Original HomePot STL is now available here: Manufacturing: Manufactured right here in the United States with high end direct drive 3-D printers. This technology allows me to truly release my creativity because the constraints of normal manufacturing don’t exist with this new technology. in the pursuit of my products becoming truly carbon negative, I have partnered with Polymaker who supplies me with their PolyTerra plant based plastic for all of my prints. Using this product allows me to go further than just using a plant based plastic, it also allows me to reduce the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process itself. Premium Simple Indoor Planter - Apple Style Homepot