Powerful Banishing Negative Energy Spell Candle "Cast A Spell

Powerful Banishing Negative Energy Spell Candle "Cast A Spell
Brand: Etsy - InHauntedAttics
Color: Grey
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Welcome to my listing for this pure soy spell candle, as part of my cast a spell range. Do you want an easier, less tedious way of casting a spell, without needing to source all the required crystals, herbs & materials? These candles have been prepared under a full moon & contain all the appropriate combined ingredients needed to bring you what you desire. All candles are prepared using soy wax, essential oils, herbs, natural crystals & plants that, when combined with a corresponding chant, will bring you money, healing, luck, love etc. I am an eclectic witch & have carefully sourced & combined all the corresponding elements, that I use in spells, to bring you an easy solution in spell casting. Please check out all my cast a spell candles to find the spell candle that you require. All candles come with a spell chant, so all you need to do is light the candle & recite the words - nothing more! Once the candle has burned out, keep hold of the charms (such as crystals or metal charms) & carry them with you or keep them in a safe space. This specific candle is a white magic powerful banishing negative energy spell. It has been created under a full moon using: soy wax, eucalyptus oil, lavender, peppermint, white sage, basil, bay leaf, feverfew, amethyst, black tourmaline, rosemary, cedar & pine. These elements work perfectly together in negativity banishing spells & combined with powerful words will bring you the powerful negative emergy removal that you desire. With these candles, you can manifest anything you desire to happen. These candles will save you time in your spell work & will bring you the effect you desire. I have others ones available for other purposes & if you would like more than one i offer combined discounted postage. If you have any allergies to any ingredients here then please don’t feel you are missing out because I have alternative herbal combinations available that also work well so I can create an alternative one for you. If you have a very specific spell request then I can also create you a custom spell candle with appropriate ingredients that will work for you. There is a spell for everything! The dimensions of these candles are: 2inch height 2.5inch diameter. Powerful Banishing Negative Energy Spell Candle Cast A Spell