Porcelain Salt & Pepper Shakers

Porcelain Salt & Pepper Shakers
Brand: Etsy - taylorceramics
Color: White
56.26 GBP
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Salt & pepper is a necessity at every table & this little pair looks classy & doesn’t take up much space. Made from thin slabs of folded porcelain each one has organic contours with a few small holes punched out of the top. There is a small cork in the convex bottom of the vessel. It comes in two glaze options:coke bottle clear - a transparent gloss finish with a hint of green OR satin white. The approximate size of each piece is 3.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches. The first 4 pictures show the coke bottle clear glaze & the last two pictured show the satin white. Porcelain Salt & Pepper Shakers