Poppy Soy Candles, Botanical Gift, Decor, Floral Dried Flowers

Poppy Soy Candles, Botanical Gift, Decor, Floral Dried Flowers
Brand: Etsy - AgaMakesCandles
Color: White
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Vegan Friendly high quality soy wax candles with poppy petals. Handmade candle made from high quality ingredients with a very calm flame. This candle burns through its middle,proving very effective. Making it a unique gift for someone who likes beauty & originality. Large Pillar: Height: 3.93 inch (10cm) Width: 2.75inch (7cm) Large Cube: Height: 3.54inch (9cm) Width: 2.75inch (7 cm) All of the candles made of soy wax are scentless. It is because I want to keep them as much natural as I possibly can. Please add a message to your order if you want to add any scent to your candles. Are made from biodegradable 100% natural soy wax Spitted soy wax can be removed/cleaned with water & soap Soy candles burns longer than normal paraffin candles. Ideal for those who love eco products. Apart from herbs aroma those candles also have their natural delicate scent which according to us smell purely amazing. -After you lit the candle with wooden wick please don’t blow it to extinguish the flame just cover it with something. -Before you lit the candle with the wick please make sure that wick is no longer than 3-4mm. If it is longer please cut it. When wick is longer than 4mm candle will burn much faster & the whole structure might melt. -When the candle is worm please don’t touch the sides of it as you can damage the whole structure. -We don’t recommend to burn any candle for more then 3-4 hours straight as it can become too hot & it will melt very quick. Candles are with us for a gross of years. The main purpose of a candle was to keep the light in the house, light the way & help with rituals. Lighting the candle is giving us a relaxation, bringing that nice & calm atmosphere, no doubt that they have a hint of magic in them. Imagine a nice evening with a glass of wine or cup of tea by the flickering light of a candle. It is definitely something special. It should be practiced by all of us especially in this always busy, full of anxiety & stress world. Candles can be also used as important element of interior design. Items that we choose to surround ourselves shouldn’t just fulfil their functions, but also makes us happy. Candles can be use as perfect & original gift for beloved ones. During long nice evenings, sitting by its magical glow will help to bring all of the good feelings & emotions. Poppy Soy Candles, Botanical Gift, Decor, Floral Dried Flowers