Planter With Drainage Hole 7 X 3 Inches/25-G

Planter With Drainage Hole 7 X 3 Inches/25-G
Brand: Etsy - Letsgetmuddy
Color: White
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Let’s Get Muddy’s handmade Raku pottery planters are prefect choice for staging your cactus, succulents or houseplants ! These one-of-a -kind ceramic planters come in a variety of shapes styles & colours allowing you to express your own creativity & personal style. These plant pots make excellent gifts & can be shipped with a personal greeting enclosed. This handmade planter was fired in my raku kiln. I removed the pot from the kiln when it reached about 1800 degrees Fahrenheit & placed it in a container containing combustible materials, in this case wood shavings & shredded news paper & then sealed the container tightly so that the carbon from the smoke would be drawn into the unglazed surfaces of the clay body. The black you see on this pot is from the smoke that was drawn into the clay. The pot is approximately 7 inches in diameter & about 3 inches in height. The foot raises the pot about 1/4 inch & the drainage hole is about 1 inch in diameter. Remember that raku pottery is fragile by nature & this pot will not be as durable & robust as a stoneware it may be more along the lines of terra cotta . Please allow for some variance in colour in our computer monitors. Ive done my best to adjust the photo to make it look true to mine. Shipping is Priority Mail. Thanks for your time & have a wonderful day! Planter With Drainage Hole 7 X 3 Inches/25-G