'Plant Happiness' Sunflower Seeds Letterbox Gift

'Plant Happiness' Sunflower Seeds Letterbox Gift
Brand: Face Florals
Size: One Size
5.49 GBP
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Sunflowers; known for being “happy flowers”, making them the perfect gift to bring joy to someones day. Our ‘Plant Happiness’ Box will make a lovely gift for someone needed a little pick me, has a passion for flowers, or simply loves getting green fingered in the garden. Our ‘Plant Happiness’ Box includes the greeting message; “Hello, Sunshine. The smallest things warm the soul. Plant happiness, and watch joy grow”, (see our photo gallery for example).Why not personalise it and make it into a truly, unique gift? By opting to include your choice of name & personal message. Please note: If the name option is left blank, ‘Hello, Sunshine’ will be printed instead. Each ‘Plant Happiness’ box comes with Planting Instructions, a pot of Sunflower Seeds, and your personalised message. Our Sunflower Seeds are kept safe in an aluminium pot, which can be reused after the seeds have been planted.