Pinus Mugo 10 Seeds Ukrainian Organic Sw779

Pinus Mugo 10 Seeds Ukrainian Organic Sw779
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PINE PINE EUROPEAN, OR STOCK, OR MOUNTAIN PINE / PINUS MUGO (GIRSKA PINE) Creeping shrub with a height of 0.5 to 4.5 m. It forms dense thickets - crooked forests in the subalpine belt of the Carpathians. Also common in the mountains & swamps of central & western Europe. Ornamental varieties are widely cultivated on all continents as ground cover plants, & wherever it is necessary to create a solid insulating wall of greenery. APPLICATION: The plant is used to cover slopes, slopes, create protective plantings. Wood with a reddish-brown core, resinous, strong & resilient, used for joinery & turning. The seeds contain up to 30% of a thick, fast-drying fatty oil. Before sowing, for a day, the seed material should be properly prepared. To do this, it is placed in a strong solution of potassium permanganate. After that, the seeds are germinated by wrapping them in a dampened cloth for two to three weeks. The germinating seeds will break in half & the root will begin to grow. Pinus Mugo 10 Seeds Ukrainian Organic Sw779