Perennial Wildflower Mix - Bulk Seed

Perennial Wildflower Mix - Bulk Seed
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Plant, water & enjoy this native mix of perennials for years to come! This all perennial mixture of colorful flowers, once established, will provide years of beauty. Most varieties will not bloom until the second year but will continue to perform year after year with very little maintenance. Prepare a bed of loose soil. Sprinkle seeds in prepared area & cover loosely with soil. Keep area moist until the plants are about 6 tall. It really is that easy. SEED INFORMATION: Lifecycle: Perennial mix Time to Maturity: Blooms second year in most areas Sun Requirement: Full sun preferred Packet Weight: 600mg Bloom Season: Spring, summer, fall Height: Varies Uses: For permanent plantings Low Maintenance: Yes lbs. Per Acre (First Seeding): 4 to 5 lbs lbs. Per Acre (Reseeding): 2 lbs Oz Per 1000 Sq Ft: 1.5 ounces Region: Most of North America MIx BREAKDOWN Siberian Wallflower, Lance Leaved Coreopsis, Purple Coneflower, Blanketflower, Blue Flax, Perennial Lupine, Russel Lupine, Shasta Daisy, Sweet William, Gayfeather, Dwarf Columbine, Maltese Cross, Evening Primrose, Purple Moss Verbena, Black-Eyed Susan, Prairie Coneflower, Dwarf Red Coneflower, Greyheaded Coneflower. Price is Per Pound Online resale prohibited Perennial Wildflower Mix - Bulk Seed