Penstemon Richardsonii Seed

Penstemon Richardsonii Seed
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Penstemon Richardsonii. Aka: Richardson’s Penstemon, cut-leaf beardtongue. This plant is named after John Richardson 1789-1865, a British naturalist, surgeon, & arctic explorer. It is a member of the figwort family & is considered as an herb or sub shrub. A native to the Oregon/Washington area, these are wild flowers found on dry rocky cliffs & crevices. It is a large perennial with numerous erect hairless stems & saw-toothed, lance shaped leaves. The flowers are tubular & long with spreading lobes that show in bluish to lavender, or pinkish, with reddish purple nectar guides blooming from May to September. Very easy to care for, they are often used to fill spaces in gardens or on banks to add color. The plant reseeds easily for the following season. Cut-leaf penstemon is found in open rocky places, cliffs & rock fall areas. in the western Columbia River gorge, it can often be found thriving on sheer cliffs in near complete shade where it typically blooms later in the year. Easy to grow & care for, they need no fuss & thrive being ignored. The stems become heavy with the blooms & will bend which makes it a great plant for raised walkways so the plants can hang over the side & fill with color as you stroll through.. 40+ seed per pack Planting Zone: 6 - 9 Full Sun Height: 12 inches - 36 inches Width: 12 inches - 16 inches Attracts Hummingbirds, Butterflies & Bees Great cut flowers Resistant to Deer & Rabbit Drought tolerant I urge anyone buying seed to do their homework on germination, I have not raised & cannot raise many of these plants as I am sub-tropics here in St Augustine,Florida. All seed are NOT alike! There are so many different factors in germination & not doing a search is throwing your money away. I want everyone to be successful when growing your flowers from seed it is the most rewarding experience in Gardening & you can do it, if you give the seed what it needs to grow. I always check 3 sites of info to choose how I will go about it. It is not hard to do, if you do it right! SEED GERMINATION TIP ONLY GERMINATE A SMALL PORTION AT A TIME. DON’T PUT ALL YOUR MONKEYS in A BARREL. Good Luck & Happy Planting Penstemon Richardsonii Seed