Passion & Love Candle

Passion & Love Candle
Brand: Etsy - WithIntentCandles
Color: Red
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My Passion & Love Candles are good for marriages or long-term relationships that may be on the brink of ending or just need a little extra spark to bring back the romance. It helps to open the heart chakra & draws love into your life & into your home. It helps to attract new love as well as fueling the passion in an existing or active relationship. With Intent Candles are candles with a purpose. These Intention Candles are used to help manifest your wishes, your desires & help bring your dreams into reality. These candles are made with Organic Soy Wax, Jasmin & Hand-Crafted with Love, Healing Energy, Organic Herbs & Spices at a sound frequency of 528 htz. These candles are specifically dressed in a mixture of Organic Herbs, Rose Quartz Crystal Chips & other Organic Oils aimed at your specific intention or need & the journey you’re on. The beauty in these candles lies within YOU. When you light your candle, you must whole heartedly feel & see your thoughts in your present, in your reality. Only GOOD INTENTIONS from me to you, wishing you much success on your path. Thank you so much for supporting my Small Business! These candles are curio items. I do believe With Intent Candles have power to them but I cannot guarantee that they will bring you any specific changes or outcomes. These Tapered Candles are about 6 long & about 2.75 in diameter. Candle Holder not Included Passion & Love Candle