Oval Cast Iron Cauldron & Rose Petal Kit

Oval Cast Iron Cauldron & Rose Petal Kit
Brand: Etsy - CelestialWingsInc
Color: Black
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I love this Modern spin on the traditional cast iron cauldron. The unique Oval design really stands out. Comes in two sizes. Small ($15.99) 4 inches in length , 2.5 inches width & 2.75 inches high. This is a good size for burning intention papers, charcoals, & mixing single serving portions for herbs, teas, & salts. It’s large enough that Charcoal briquettes sit nicely in the bottom, with extra space for the herbs to fall. If you don’t have a lot of space or just want something cute this is a great option for the solitary witch. Large ($22.99) 5.5 inches in length, 3.5 inches width & 3 inches high. Even though the measurements are only slightly larger, it makes a huge difference as far as functionality. If you don’t own a full size cauldron & want a sleek look this might be the one for you. This kit comes with cauldron of your choice & a 1/2 oz of Moroccan Rose Buds Iron: Iron is a symbol of strength, protection, & life-giving warmth, as it is seen as a combination of the elements of Earth & Fire. Until the introduction of steel, iron was the most durable metal known to man, & this was reflected in mythology & folklore as well. The legendary strength & durability of iron makes it a natural component in spells of protection. Many a witch obtains items of iron, such as antique keys, padlocks, or spikes, & places them by the door of his or her home in order to keep out poltergeists & other unwanted spiritual visitors such as the Fae. $15.99 MAxIMUM SHIPPING COST All orders w/shipping costs above $15.99 at checkout will be refunded shipping overages & pay only $15.99, (or less) for their shipping cost. Feel free to message me about your orders shipping cost. Please contact me before leaving a negative review, I am here to assist you with your order! Oval Cast Iron Cauldron & Rose Petal Kit