Orunmila Enchanted Roll-On Oil

Orunmila Enchanted Roll-On Oil
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Color: Green
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Orunmila is the sacred diviner. He is the master if If a, complex, sacred. system of divination. He also taught people cowrie shell divination. Orunmila is a spirit of righteousness & a miracle healer considered among the most powerful Orishas. He was the only Orisha permitted to actually witness creation. Orunmila is traditionally classified among the Seven African Powers. However, he is a remote Orisha with specialized interests who is not involve with the rank & file populace in the manner of other Orishas. Attributes: Cowrie shells, plam seeds, & nuts Colors: Green, yellow Number:16 Creature: Leopard This Roll On was designed to help establish a connection with Orunmila. Infused with magical intent & essential oil blend & fragrance. The herbs used in this mixture are blend of Offerings To Orunmila Orunmila Enchanted Roll-On Oil