Organizer For L Neverfull Pm/mm/Gm

Organizer For L Neverfull Pm/mm/Gm
Categories: Green Powder, Powder
Brand: Etsy - soonibaginbag
Color: White
Size: L
39.59 GBP
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-The organizer color is Red- Please make sure This is not bag. This is ORGANIZER. BAG SIZE : PM - 29 x 21 x 12 cm GM - 39 x 32 x19 cm MM - 31 x 28 x 14 cm (length x height x width) not bag organizer size Please provide me with your PHONE NUMBER When you place an order. We ship it only by FEDEX & we need it. HIGH QUALITY FELT ORGANIZER This is a super light weight as we use 2mm felt to make this item. SOONI FELT BAG ORGANIZERS has (2~8) side pockets+(ipad),in according size (mini,small,midium,large) SOONI felt bag organizers help you organize your bag neatly & not to lose your personal belongings in it. The felt will comfortably protect your stuff from sliding & slipping inside of pockets. Whenever you want to change to another bag, you can just simply move the organizer. So, they will give you a lot of comfort in your daily life. -Material- 2mm High Quality Polyester Felt ( MADE in KOREA) Felt is very soft but also has strength so it makes your bag’s shape perfect! you can put your note or cell phone more easily & quickly To reinforce the insert structure for the shape of your bag: 2mm FELT with stitching for the bottom Organizer For L Neverfull Pm/mm/Gm