Organic Spanish Seasoning Collection

Organic Spanish Seasoning Collection
Brand: Forrist
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Prepare your own vibrant Spanish banquet with our Spanish Spices Collection. Paprika and cayenne pepper will lend a touch of the Spanish heat to your meal, saffron is key to achieving a gleaming golden shine and divine taste to your paella, and a touch of parsley or oregano makes for a fresh tasting garnish on a picturesque tapas spread. Discover the simple yet spectacular wonders of Spanish cuisine.WHATS INSIDE?Organic Fennel Seed 10gOrganic Paprika 10gOrganic Smoked Paprika 15gOrganic Bay Leaf 1gOrganic Garlic Granules 15gOrganic Cayenne Pepper 15gOrganic Oregano 5gOrganic Parsley 5gOrganic Onion Powder 15gOrganic Thyme 5gOrganic Himalayan Rock Salt 30gOrganic Ground Black Peppercorns 10gOrganic Rosemary 10g not given The herbs and spices are packaged in reusable 30ml glass jars and beautifully packaged in a reusable & compostable corrugated box.