Organic Rosehips | Rosa Canina

Organic Rosehips | Rosa Canina
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MEDICINAL: Rich in antioxidants Supports immune system Reduces arthritic pain Boosts heart health Aids with fat loss Rich in Vitamin C Anti-aging properties Poor circulation Varicose veins MAGICAL: Planet - Venus Element - Water Add to Potpourri to create calm & peace Use in ritual baths for love, finding a soulmate & companionship Add to incense, sachets & charm bags to attract love Add to healing sachets for a boost Confidence & truth workings Beauty, health & self love spells Add to wallet to attract prosperity & money CULINARY: Syrups Vinegars Jams & Jellies Pies Stews Wines (Above is only a guide for the most common uses of this herb. Please consult with your GP or medical herbalist especially if on medication, pregnant or planning a pregnancy) Please see our shop for other products Organic Rosehips | Rosa Canina