Organic Nutmeg | Whole Myristica Fragrans

Organic Nutmeg | Whole Myristica Fragrans
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Color: Brown
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Medicinal Anaesthetic & stimulating effect on the stomach & intestines Increases appetite Reduces vomiting, nausea & diarrhoea Ground into a paste it can be applied directly to eczema & ringworm Culinary Add to buttered mash, rice puddings, custard & custard tarts, bread & butter pudding, gingerbread, muffins, chocolate & fruit cakes Use to finish both baked & unbaked cheesecakes Great combined with Cinnamon Excellent in coffee & in coffee cake Magical Planet - Jupiter Sign - Sagittarius Element - Fire Gender - Masculine Add whole seed to travel bags - encourages lively adventures & rejuvenation Use to promote justice, add to court case spells & bags, can also reveal gossip spreaders & liars Astral travel meditation Add to recipes for Mabon & Samhain Promotes winning in games of chance Use in hot foot powders & spells to repel unwanted people Psychic inducer Add to spell bags for persuasion & convincing Place under bed ensures fidelity of relationship (Above is only a guide for the most common uses of this herb. Please consult with your GP or medical herbalist especially if on medication, pregnant or planning a pregnancy) Organic Nutmeg | Whole Myristica Fragrans