Organic Immortalitea

Organic Immortalitea
Brand: Etsy - AbundanceManifest
Color: Yellow
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This is the blend that inspired this whole company when Chris discovered the Chinese medicine man Li Ching Yuen who supposedly lived 256 years. This blend includes most of the documented brain-boosting life-extending herbs he ate every day! Guayusa is also included & has more caffeine than coffee, tastes sweet, lasts twice as long as coffee (with no jitters) & unlike coffee is used to improve the health of teeth! People have raved about its amazing ability to relieve arthritis & pain. One man reporting that his arthritis was so bad he could barely lift his shoulder, & after ust three days of drinking the tea his pain subsided. Enjoy 10 free eco-friendly paper tea bags with each order of tea if you do not have a tea ball or strainer. Add paper teabags to your order & use discount code: TEABAGS Organic Immortalitea