Organic Coriander | Coriandrum Sativum

Organic Coriander | Coriandrum Sativum
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Color: Brown
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Medicinal: Flatulence, bloating & griping Settles gut spasms & counters the effect of nervous tension Chewed it sweetens the breath especially after garlic has been consumed Externally apply as a lotion for rheumatic pain Magical: Planet - Mars Sign - Aries Element - Fire Gender - Masculine Used to dispel negative energies & bring in protection especially when working with Astral travel Excellent in love potions, sachets & amulets Hang fresh coriander above your threshold to bring peace & love into your home Wear or carry it with you to attract love & also help release the past Health & healing works Prosperity (Above is only a guide to the most common uses of the herb. Please consult your GP or Medicinal Herbalist especially if you are on medication, are pregnant or planning a pregnancy.) Please see my shop for other products Organic Coriander | Coriandrum Sativum