Organic Cloud Mist Green Tea

Organic Cloud Mist Green Tea
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Color: Green
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This tea comes from Zhejiang province in eastern China near the Pacific coast, close to the larger cities of Hangzhou & Shanghai. Historically Zhejiang is famous for producing green tea. One of China’s most famous high-end green teas, Long Jing (Dragon Well), is produced in Zhejiang as well as the very popular Gunpowder. Gao Shan Yun Wu is actually made from the same bush as the Long Jing (Dragon Well) teas. After the Long Jing has gone through its picking season, they allow the plants to grow for about two or three weeks, then they go back & pick the leaves that will be used to make Gao Shan Yun Wu. Gao Shan Yun Wu is grown close to the center of Zhejiang province. in this area the temperature is very good for growing tea. The average annual temperature is around 17 degrees Celsius (63 degrees Fahrenheit) with 70 percent humidity, which is very good growing conditions for the Camellia Sinensis bush. The Gao Shan Yun Wu we offer is grown in an organic tea garden on a hill with a height of 600 meters above sea level. Most tea in this area is grown at around 300 meters because of the areas proximity to the ocean; but this tea is grown at a special garden placed near a national park, which has one Mountain reaching to 1500meters above sea level. Having this tea grown at a higher elevation allows this Gao Shan Yun Wu to offer a sweeter flavor. Also, because of the higher elevation, this tea is constantly sitting in the clouds giving it the name ‘Misty New Top’. ‘Misty’ because of the constant mist surrounding the garden & ‘New Top’ because only the tender leaves at the top of the bush are picked to make this tea. Organic Cloud Mist Green Tea