Organic Cat Toys - Stinky Stick "Summer Feeling

Organic Cat Toys - Stinky Stick "Summer Feeling
Brand: Etsy - WigglePurrWaggle
Color: White
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Your cat will LOVE our 3 pack set Stinky Sticks! Each stinky stick is made from quality cotton fabric & filled with 100% natural materials: Spelt husks & Organic Catnip and/or Valerian roots - you decide! Both herbs have an euphoriant effect on cats. The smell makes them feel super playful: They will love licking, chewing & kicking the stick & they’ll roll around like crazy. Also great for playing fetch together with your cat. Overall a very fun, rewarding experience for your cat - without any negative side effects. The spelt husks have a pleasant grainy mell und a natural crinkle sound, which stimulates another one of your cat’s senses. Since our Stinky Sticks are a 100 percent natural product, it can loose volume after using. in this case, simply knead thoroughly to bring into shape again. The stick is NOT washable. If your cat has licked & chewed it a lot, please allow it to dry to ensure it doesn’t get mouldy inside. Each Stinky Stick is handcrafted with love & stitched multiple times to widthstand the fiercest cat’s claws. But of course, they are not indestructible, so please check for damages frequently & replace if neccessary. Measurements (without cotton string) Length: 18 cm (7) Breite: 4 cm (1,5) What is Catnip/Valerian? What’s the difference between them? Both herbst have a silimar effect on cats, but each cat reacts different. Often Valerian has a stronger effect on cats, but it also smells stronger. Some people refer to it as unpleasant smell. Catnip has a more discreet, pleasant herb smell & is also great to put it in your cat’s carrier for car rides or the next vet visit to make him/her feel comfortable. Organic Cat Toys - Stinky Stick Summer Feeling