Organic Black Peppercorns | Piper Nigrum

Organic Black Peppercorns | Piper Nigrum
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Color: Brown
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Culinary: Coating meats Sprinkle on fruit for a spicy kick Warm beverages such as chai tea Add to balsamic vinegar & oil to make a dip Spice blends General seasoning Sauces Soups, stews & casseroles Magical: Planet - Mars Deities - Aries, Horus, Mars, Hectate Element - Fire Gender - Masculine Protection sachets, bottles & amulets Protects boundaries of properties Repels negative energies Amulets & pouches to bring inner strength Stops gossip Used to prevent the return of unwanted guests to your home Jealousy Lust War, separation & banishment Hex breaking (Above is only a guide for the most common uses of the herb. Please consult your GP or Medical Herbalist especially if on any medication, pregnant or planning a pregnancy). Please see my shop for other items Organic Black Peppercorns | Piper Nigrum