Organic Agrimony | Agrimonia Eupatoria

Organic Agrimony | Agrimonia Eupatoria
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Color: Green
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Magical: Planet - Jupiter Sign - Cancer Element - Air Gender - Masculine Reversing spells & hexes, returning it to the person who cast it Useful in protection spells Banishing negative energy Protects against goblins Hastens spiritual healing Add to cleaning water to wash floors & purify & bless your home Added to your clothes wash it will wash negative energies out of your clothes Brings a good nights sleep if placed under your pillow Cleanse air & aura, cheers the mood (Above is only a guide for the most common uses of this herb. Please consult with your GP or Medical Herbalist especially if on any medication, pregnant or planning a pregnancy). Please see my shop for other items Organic Agrimony | Agrimonia Eupatoria