Organic Agar Wood, Small Nailed Plantation Chips

Organic Agar Wood, Small Nailed Plantation Chips
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Brand: Etsy - HuesAndTints
Color: Brown
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Nailing Small agar wood- Plantation grown organic nailed wood. Nails left for a minimum of 5 years to be infected. Medium 20-year-old trees. Daily use, good smoke level, fast burning Size - on average 2-6 cm, Color / resin - dark brown DESCRIPTION: small tube shaped chips, SCENT PROFILE: strong scented, spicey aniseed, chestnut sweet, traditional hindi Consume gradually on med high temp & see a consistent constant sweet smoke emanate for more than five minutes. Wood will gradually become dark as more gum is delivered from inside yet will smoke for a few minutes before this too. This agar wood is manageable, natural & incredible for the climate & environment. Consume this wood while assisting with keeping up with the final biodiversity of wild agar wood which should be left alone so it would be able to support itself, by restricting the demand for this. This aged wood is far superior to SE Asian cultivated wood which regularly utilize under 5 year old trees with 2-3 years of synthetic vaccination. Our own trees are 20 years of age with at least 5 years of nailed natural vaccination. The smell justifies itself with real evidence while the sticker price makes this as moderate as consuming high quality incense sticks every day. Please note the chip can become completely red & consume to debris so if it’s not too much trouble, be mindful & never leave your heated wood alone & well-hidden away from youngsters or pets. Organic Agar Wood, Small Nailed Plantation Chips