Oak Barrel Planter Whiskey Flower Pot Basket Tub

Oak Barrel Planter Whiskey Flower Pot Basket Tub
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Oak Whiskey Barrel Garden Planter We make garden planters from used reclaimed white oak whiskey barrels. These planters are perfect size for your Christmas tree, vegetable garden or simply for potting up flowers to add a touch of colour to your garden or setting. They also have many other uses such as log baskets for these cold winter nights. We have large supply of these reclaimed whiskey barrels sourced from many different Whiskey distilleries which we turn into various products such as garden planters. Whiskey barrels are generally only used once or twice. Most barrels start off life in America & are made with White Oak to store Bourbon Whiskey & then once used once in America they will be repurposed & used for Scotch Whiskey here in the UK. Our barrels have been used for many brands of whiskey such as Jim Beam, Jack Daniels etc. A little bit about the Whiskey Barrel Manufacturing Process: The process of making a whiskey barrel usually begins with a stock of American white oak. This is the most commonly used wood for whiskey barrels, largely due to how leak-resistant it is & the flavours it imparts into spirits. Most whiskey barrels are made in the US, where white oak grows. The next stage is to char the barrel by firing flames inside it. Barrels usually pass through gas-powered flaming systems on conveyor belts. This extracts flavor from the wood, which seeps into the spirit during the whiskey’s maturation process, which lasts for a number of years depending on the brand & style. This listing is for garden planter. Please see our other listings for full size whiskey barrels.The dimensions are 62cm wide & 44cm tall approx. Oak Barrel Planter Whiskey Flower Pot Basket Tub