Natural, Healthy Treats For Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Natural, Healthy Treats For Rabbits & Guinea Pigs
Brand: Etsy - FluffyCreatureLtd
Color: Brown
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These pretty cookies are specially made for rabbits & guinea pigs to make sure they get all the healthy & nutritional benefits while having the tastiest snack ever! in the pack you will find 16 large size cookies, we recommend snapping it in half for one time-a-day treat! Ingredients: Pellets with mint (Burgess), summer forage mix of flowers, herbs, & cranberries. All ingredients are carefully selected & dehydrated at high temperatures for long hours to make sure to get rid of any bacteria. Please note, that all our treats are handmade to order, this is why the texture & the look of the product can be a little different each time, but the ingredients are always the same! 100% organic, non-GMO, vegan, & cruelty-free. HANDCRAFTED: Each treat is created with love, passion, & dedication for your bunnies! NO NASTIES: we never use preservatives, additives, or artificial coloring. MADE TO ORDER: we slowly bake to ensure the highest nutrient & flavor content. Each batch is made to order to guarantee that you are receiving the freshest product! We aim to deliver within 5-7 working days in the UK & dispatch items within 5 working days to other countries. Free shipping for orders over 10! Natural, Healthy Treats For Rabbits & Guinea Pigs