Mountain Pine Tree Seeds

Mountain Pine Tree Seeds
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Color: Red
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Product description: MOUNTAIN PINE tree seeds Large highly branched ground cover creeping shrub with numerous ascending trunks. Young shoots are greenish, then turn gray-brown. The needles are dark green short (only 2.5 cm long), firm, slightly twisted. Small (up to 5 cm long) shiny gray-brown cones sit on straight short legs. Flowering & fruiting begin at 6-10 years of age. Blooms in late May - early June. Cones ripen in November next year. Fruiting, or seed production, as they say about cone-bearing plants, is annual, abundant. Winter-hardy, drought-resistant, photophilous, undemanding to soil & moisture, not damaged by pests & diseases, tolerates soil compaction & air pollution, does not suffer from snowfalls. It is used to create low-growing decorative groups, as protective plantings on steep rocky slopes & as a soil fixer. It goes well with Rumelian pine, spruce, larch, birch. Mountain Pine Tree Seeds