Moss Bowl | Concrete Table Centrepiece Art

Moss Bowl | Concrete Table Centrepiece Art
Brand: Etsy - omeshop
Color: Green
70 GBP
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Introducing our zero-maintenance moss bowl, a luxurious decoration designed to capture attention & bring a pleasant calm into any room. Each moss bowl is made unique & to order, featuring a fluffy mount of preserved mosses atop a cement bowl. The moss used is preserved, meaning its water content has been stabilised to retain its texture & colour forever. It is therefore zero-maintenance. Perfect for coffee tables, kitchen islands, worktops or centrepieces. We’ll be honest, they’re kind of perfect anywhere. Consider pairing your moss bowl with one of our moss frames for a full, luscious living vibe. Dimensions: H6cm (excluding moss) x D20cm Please Note: Do not water or mist the moss bowl. They are preserved & require no maintenance whatsoever. Do not allow the moss to sit in strong, direct sunlight for too many hours in the day. As each moss bowl is handmade & may differ in small ways from the exact photos shown - though each will be totally unique, beautiful, & made with care. Please be aware as this moss is dyed to retain colour, it can leave a green/yellowish stain on your fingers. So, do be careful! Though, the dye easily washes off. Moss Bowl | Concrete Table Centrepiece Art