Morning-Glory Blue Star Flower Seeds

Morning-Glory Blue Star Flower Seeds
Brand: Etsy - IvanSeeds
Color: Purple
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Product description: MORNING-GLORY BLUE star Flower seeds (in individual packaging) Beautiful blooming liana for the garden. It grows very intensively, reaching 2.5 m in height. The flowers are funnel-shaped, collected in bunches, blue-lilac with a white tube & a bright characteristic pattern in the form of a star. Flowers are open from morning to noon. It is very thermophilic, does not tolerate even minor frosts. For vertical gardening of arbors, pergolas, loggias, balconies, hedges. Seeds are sown for seedlings in mid-May, but before that they should be scarified (to break the integrity of the shell), instead they can be placed in tepid (25 to 30 degrees) water to swell for 24 hours. , it is necessary to carefully pierce their shell with a needle, after which the seed is soaked again. Small cups need to be filled with a suitable substrate, after which 2-4 seeds are placed in them, cover the top of the container with a film or glass, as a result you will get a kind of mini-greenhouse. If necessary, water the crops, arrange them regular ventilation, remove condensate from the shelter, & also maintain the air temperature within 18-20 degrees. If everything is done correctly, then the first seedlings should appear after 10-12 days. Morning-Glory Blue Star Flower Seeds