Money Scent Oil - St. Martin Of Tours

Money Scent Oil - St. Martin Of Tours
Brand: Etsy - DocBastianConjure
Color: Clear
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Money scent oil is named as such because we actually steep a muslin bag of coins into the base oils - our customers find the idea a great novelty. Cinnamon, patchouli, cinnamon, & other herbs & essential oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil. Candle color = green Psalm = 119 v. 17-24 associated with St. Martin of Tours, also known as St. Martin Caballero Suggested candle color = green Suggested Psalm = 119 v. 17-24 Most of the essential oil & herb blends used in our products are based on historical references, vintage formulas, accepted aromatherapy values, or herbal uses associated with their given names. Many are formulated & named after curio products that were found in old pharmacies across the South that catered to customers that were known to be practitioners of Hoodoo, conjure, & other folklore traditions. After the oils are made they are cleansed & labeled, then taken into our chapel before being shipped to you or taken to our retail store. Used for: Anointing candles in oil burners in bath water For anointing ritual objects Money Scent Oil - St. Martin Of Tours