Money & Prosperity Witches Herbs 20G

Money & Prosperity Witches Herbs 20G
Brand: Etsy - HouseWitchHerbs
Color: Silver
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20g of specially blended herbs, spices & flowers to bring money & prosperity. This blend may be used in all manner of witchcraft & spell work such as spell bottles, pouches, poppets, incense etc. Angelica - Prosperity, Courage & strength Basil - Attracts wealth & customers Chamomile - attracts money, brings luck Cinnamon - Brings success Clove - Attracts riches Dill - Attracts money Marjoram - Attracts money Mint - Money & prosperity Oates - Money & prosperity Rice - Money & wealth Please note this product is not suitable for consumption. I wholeheartedly believe in the metaphysical properties of these items however I cannot guarantee results. As per Etsy’s listing requirements I can sell these only as CURIOS. Money & Prosperity Witches Herbs 20G