Money Herbal Charm/Spell Jar

Money Herbal Charm/Spell Jar
Brand: Etsy - TheFireAlchemist
Color: Clear
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For thousands of years, herbs have been believed to have magic powers & meanings. Roman soldiers added Thyme to their bath water for courage; ancient Greeks believed Mint to be the transformed lover of Hades: Minthe, & Sage was used to cure demonic possession in the Middle Ages. Almost every herb out there has ancient folklore surrounding it, & was used by our ancestors for reasons outside of seasoning. Many still believe in herbal magick to this day. These jars are all handmade by myself - they are first cleansed with incense & then the herbs listed are added. I choose all the herbs through research into their folklore & their associations with luck, love, wealth, etc. Once the herbs are added, the jar is then sealed with wax of a colour that corresponds to the charms purpose. This seals the jar & its intention. These charm jars can be used ornamentally, or carried with you as an amulet or talisman. They can also be charged like crystals. I recommend using the jars in a way that corresponds with their purpose, & I have listed some ideas for this particular jar below! Mostly though, I encourage you to do what feels right. I love making them & hope they bring some joy & magic to your life! This jar is made with herbs that are long associated with love. Please note that Keys are randomly selected & your jar may not be identical to the ones pictured - which is what makes it uniquely yours! All jars will come with a handwritten note briefly explaining some of the herbs & their properties Money Herbal Charm/Spell Jar