Moai Planter

Moai Planter
Brand: Etsy - atprintsolutions
Color: Black
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Have you ever done any research into the heads of easter island? Put a fresh plant in our head planter to make your living space clean & vibrant. Pick your favourite colour from our list below Our Homeware range comes with a plethora of designs & products that you may not necessarily see on the high street. These are designed to give whatever room is situated in an edge - an eye grabbing detail that is sure to show a more aesthetic & creative side to yourself. This range is good for indoor & outdoor usage, meaning the products are versatile as well as stunningly detailed. Printed using Polylactic Acid (PLA), your ‘solution’ materials are sourced commonly from corn, potato & sugarcane! This material is smooth, strong, durable, biodegradable & safe for environmental use - what more could you ask for! Moai Planter