Mint Green Concrete And Recycled Paper Bowl Planter

Mint Green Concrete And Recycled Paper Bowl Planter
Brand: FABLY
Size: One Size
32 GBP
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Rustic stone textures in a sweet pastel colour, with hints of the natural concrete grey in the air pockets. The combination of the rocky texture and organic shape in a mint green colour would make this a great planter for creating a colourful cacti garden or use it as a decorative bowl.The planter looks and feels like stone, but 50% is made from recycled paper. Making it eco-friendly, sturdy and light in weight. Each planter is hand moulded by Faryal and takes up to two weeks to cure. Once fully dried it is coated with paints specifically for porous surfaces to ensure a long-lasting finish.All planters will come supplied with cork pads to protect surfaces. They will also come packaged in a white box, making them an ideal home gift. Please view our other listings for more shape and colour options. Paper pulp, cement, aggregate, low-voc water-based paint, low-voc water-based paint seal.Care instructions:These planters are for indoor use only.The planters are coated with a base layer and paints specifically for porous surfaces which will protect the surfaces from damp.If you are going to pot a real plant in the planter it is advisable to place a protective layer inside first.Less thirsty plants will be best as it is not advisable to make drainage holes, it could affect the structure of the planter.