Milky Oolong Teabags

Milky Oolong Teabags
Categories: Green Drinks, Drinks
Brand: Etsy - Vivaveganetsy
Color: Black
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15 Milky Oolong Tea bags in eco packcaging Milky Oolong tea is one of our favourite Teas Purely because of its amazing taste! comparable to vanilla or toffee popcorn milky oolong tea contains main amazing health benefits such as: 1: Consist of polyphenols that help destroy free radicals & boost overall health. 2: Relieves mental & physical stress. 3: Frequent consumption of Milk Oolong tea lowers body fat & reduces the risk of obesity. 4: Makes your skin cleaner & helps with some skin conditions such as eczema. 5: Prevents tooth decay while making your teeth stronger. 6: Contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, manganese, & magnesium that help with bodily health functions.7: Boosts mental alertness & can help improve thinking skills. 7. Contributes to weight loss by decreasing fat. Milky Oolong Teabags