'Milky Magic And Matcha Tastic' Chocolate Bar Pack

'Milky Magic And Matcha Tastic' Chocolate Bar Pack
Categories: Green Powder, Powder
Brand: Simsante
Size: One Size
8.95 GBP
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A collection of Simsante’s Milky Magic & Matcha Tastic. Our organic milk chocolates are packed with antioxidant and protein rich nuts and seeds, ancient grains and other gut strengthening and immunity boosting ingredients.Matcha tea, known to be rich in antioxidants, is known to aid in preventing cancer. It boosts metabolism, burns calories, enhances mood, detoxifies effectively, and is rich in vitamins C, zinc, and magnesium. This product comes in two sizes, as a Taster Box which includes four 35g Bars and the Indulgence Box that comes with twelve 35g Bars. Packaging made from 100% Recycled Material.