Michihili Cabbage Seed Pack - Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

Michihili Cabbage Seed Pack - Heirloom Vegetable Seeds
Brand: Etsy - WoodsyBloomsCanada
Color: Green
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Michihli Cabbage produces heads that have a pronounced taper towards the tip & measure 45 cm (18) high & 10 cm (4) in diameter on average. Leaves are spicy tasting with dark green exterior leaves & blanched inner leaves that are tender & crisp. Very spicy leaves are produced prior to heading-up. They are best grown in late summer into fall. Optimum conditions are cool days 12-21 C (55-70 F) with cool to cold nights 4-10 C (40-50 F). Annual. How to Grow Start seeds indoors in a soil-less mix 5 weeks before last frost date. Sow seeds 6 mm (1/4) deep & keep at 20 C (70F) for the 7-10 day germination period. Grow on at slightly cooler temperatures & harden off before Transplanting to outdoors in late May placing them 45cm (18) apart & in rows 75cm (30) apart. Spring to summer crops will not produce as dense heads so for best results plant in late June for fall harvest. If you are having issues, it’s helpful to google the plant name & find many, many resources!! Woodsy Blooms & it’s owners cannot be held accountable for seeds that do not sprout as there are many factors that can affect this including improper sprouting conditions. Michihili Cabbage Seed Pack - Heirloom Vegetable Seeds