Magical Wildflower Wishes - Plantable Gift For Children

Magical Wildflower Wishes - Plantable Gift For Children
Brand: Shroot
Size: One Size
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Make someone’s day special with this ‘magical’ seed gift. Write your wishes on the plantable wildflower seed papers and watch them bloom and grow. An eco-friendly and inventive gift, perfect for children and the young at heart (especially those who love unicorns - and who doesn’t?). They’re designed to spark the imagination and inspire the recipient to reach for their dreams and help local wildlife in the process. Bees and butterflies love nectar-rich flowers.They’ll write their wishes on the enclosed wildflower seed ‘wish papers’, plant them in soil, sprinkle over the ‘wish dust’ and watch their ‘wishes’ grow…beautiful UK wildflowers. A sustainable gift (perfect for birthdays) of flower growth and self-growth! They can be planted indoors at any time of year. There are five box designs available. Please select which one you’d like from the options given on this page.Choose from:Birthday - butterflies & flowersLoving - Hearts & rosesMagical - unicorns & thistleWhimsical - Bright floralChristmas - Poinsettia & Holly Each Wildflower Wishes contains:3 pretty ‘wish papers’ embedded with native UK wildflower seeds (e.g. meadow buttercup, red campion and musk mallow). The papers are 100% biodegradable and are made from recycled materials. The paper will break down and the seeds will bloom and grow.‘Wish dust’ containing chamomile, corn cockle, cornflower, marigold and poppy seeds and biodegradable glitter.A wooden plant marker Planting instructions A wildflower identification guide. All enclosed in letterbox friendly and recyclable packaging, decorated with a pretty unicorn design. It can be posted anywhere in the UK with a large letter stamp.