Little Herbs Skincare Sampler Set

Little Herbs Skincare Sampler Set
Brand: Little Herbs
Size: One Size
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Try a touch of each of Little Herbs and find out just how good they are - and how easy to take travelling. Little Herbs makes pure, gentle skincare full of Mother Nature’s bounty. Every item is 100% organic, lovingly made in Somerset and utterly practical - so it’s surely best for both new mother and the latest little one.Little Herbs favours the botanical delights of the English country garden, a place of carefree pleasures and herbal healing. not given Having a baby is a joy. But worry you will. A lot. We can’t take away all your concerns of course but we can provide the best skin care for you and your baby. Little Herbs are pure, nutritious and healing. We like traditional English country garden plants, seed oils, honey and beeswax. We like to keep things simple by using and we never use anything nasty. No colourants no fillers,‘parfums’, chemical preservatives no mineral oils, no alcohol. Just pure, simple, natural nourishment and healing for tender skin - made carefully in Somerset for you. A little goes a long, long way!For New Mother: Massage a little Tummy Rub Oil daily from breast to thighs to bring comfort to overwrought skin, aid elasticity and skin repair. Or use Bump Butter, a richer aid to skin repair for very stetched skin. Breast Balm offers instant relief and helps to heal sore nipples. Soothing Salve is a wonder: great for itches, scratches, dry patches but also (having lavender in it) very handy for a new mother’s tension headaches.For the Little One: Baby Balm’s job is to soothe and heal sore bottoms, little itchy bits and even cradle cap. Indulge in some bonding massage with a little drop of Baby Oil. And a toch of Soothing Salve on the Little One’s temples can encourage that over-excited baby to peaceful sleep.All 100% organic. Some products contain prunus nut oils or have been prepared in a unit where nut oils are used or have been prepared in a unit where nut oils are used.Tested only on Willing Human Beings.Made carefully by Little Herbs: for Little Ones and their Mums.