Let's Grow Gigantic Sunflowers Kit

Let's Grow Gigantic Sunflowers Kit
Brand: The Curious Bear
Size: One Size
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These easy to grow giant sunflowers can get very, very tall (up to 10ft high) - no wonder they’re called ‘Uniflorus Giganteus’. The sunflowers in this fantastic kids gardening kit are a favourite for children to grow. Perfect for winning the tallest sunflower competition or just for making amazing decorations at home.When you’re finished with them the birds will love to nibble the huge seed heads. While you wait for nature to do its thing have fun creating and decorating your very own clay sunflower bowl with the clay kit provided.The perfect kids gift to keep them busy with a kids creative craft and to introduce them to the wonders of gardening. not given Sunflower seeds 3 biodegradable plant pots3 natural birch plant markers1 natural coco coir compost discTwig pencilTin of air-drying clay2 pots of acrylic paint (shatterproof, recyclable PET plastic)Wooden paintbrushLinen drawstring bagWooden rollerFun sunflower fact sheetWARNING! Not suitable for children under 4 years. Contains sharp components and small parts. Adult supervision required.ALLERGY WARNING: Contains seeds, paint and clay not for consumption.